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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

This past year has been troubling for all of us for many reasons.

We have had to bare witness to a global pandemic and a divided country during a time of racial reckoning. 2020 has finally ended and crossed. The Covid Monster and Racial Inequality is still very much alive. We can't ignore the abundance of work that must be done internally and as a nation. However, it is crucial to remember the good in the world. We can all take part in this action by both giving and receiving kindness.

The act of creating and gifting art has always been an act of kindness for me. So I have decided to expand this act wider than my bubble by manifesting The First Friday / Free Art Sweepstakes!

How does it work? Subscribe to the Paper Boat Den website. Once your name is registered to set sail with me into my creative portal, I will automatically add your name every month. What an opportunity to fill your walls with original art! Art, created by the one and only Paper Boat Den! I hope you gift yourself this opportunity to feel the magic of a simple paper boat. Keep safe and wear your mask! But most importantly, do something unexpected and kind for another human. I promise it will make you feel better.


The Paper Boat Den, MW

ps. Sign up soon for the First Friday/ Free Art Sweepstakes February 5th is coming soon!

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