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A Gift from me to you!

It's the time of year when we naturally begin to reflect and reminisce about our past and the life we are currently living—exploring our life's unique colors, marks, and stories.

What have been your life's unique masterpieces this past year? Did you challenge yourself? Did you make honest, deep marks? Did you allow your drips to fall freely? Did you correct your errors and gently learn from them? Did you let the mystery of life be the wind in your sails? Did you turn your life canvases upside down and embrace new perspectives?

Life is like a painting; we can make it what we want. I recognize it's not as easy as typing these words in this blog post, but we can make our lives a little lighter or brighter by embracing both the muddy and perfectly blended colors. Both of them make up who we are anyways. And it is always much more unrestricted to breathe through the chaos than against it.

I have included two-holiday drawings that I have created on the Ipad. Using the Ipad as a tool to create has been a bumpy road. But I have embraced the storm and have learned so much from it. I am an artist who loves to feel its materials, and a glassy surface is new territory for me. At first, I was scared, and I still am, but I'm learning, and when I am learning, my heart and mind grow. May you all keep learning and growing too.

May you be well and continue to be inspired this holiday season!

The Paper Boat Den

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