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The Island Of Patreon

Ahoy, My Beloved Fans!

The Paper Boat Den has been traveling the creative sea waters and stumbled upon the island of Patreon.

The Den has decided to take a chance and explore the Patreon platform designed for both artists and art supporters.

I am eager to share with old and new fans exclusive videos, artworks, and much more. So whether you're a collector of art or a heartfelt fan please explore the beautiful island of Patreon with me.

The Den will be granting free access to roam the island of Patreon until the end of March!

The first twenty subscribers of The Paper Boat Den will receive a free print from a limited set! Bring your telescope and your curiosity it's going to be a fun ride!

Unfortunately, these are troubling times and some are unable to depart on this voyage at this time. No need to worry because the invitation is always open and your curiosity speaks volumes and anchors deep.

Thank you for your support and for riding the waves of adventure with me.

Be well & Be safe,

The Paper Boat Den

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