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Painting & Animation

The act of art has always been a healing one for me in terms of exploring my emotions. This year's theme for Artward Bound at Holderness School in New Hampshire was precisely this. Exploring ways in which creating art can be healing.

I love teaching art to a group of kids who have yet to explore art as a form of self-expression or a way to have fun without an end game of perfection. Holderness School is a boarding school that thrives on routine, academics, and athletics. Artward Bound is the one time a year that, for two weeks, a class of students gets to explore mediums outside their comfort zone and is welcomed to connect with their free-spirited selves.

I find it an honor to travel across the united states to teach a week of art to these kids because, in return, I get recharged and reminded about how powerful the act of teaching is and how art can change lives and perspectives. We often forget how powerful one can feel being part of a community coming together for a specific reason.

I have had the privilege to be a visiting artist at Holdernes Artward Bound program more than my fingers can count. Every time I return home inspired by these kids, faculty, artist, and the Holderness Community.

I invite you to watch the video we created this year. It contained three groups of ten or more kids working on two canvases. No rules other than telling a story threw mark-making and animation. They learned non-attachment and how to trust each other threw the power of paint and the breath of the brush. Each day was a new canvas, a new story, and a new ending. I am very proud of each person that participated in my workshop. I hope you enjoy the process as much as I did.

May you continue to be inspired,

The Paper Boat Den

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