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My Daughter, My Muse.

My daughter is a part of The Radical Monarchs in Oakland, California. It is a group of young girls of color who celebrate their identities and contribute radically to their communities. One of the badges they earned this month was visiting the Black Panther exhibit at the Oakland Museum. Everyone was inspired by the rich history shown in the Black Panther Exhibit. Nia and the girls also had the opportunity to be part of the exhibition by taking a photo of themselves sitting in a wicker peacock chair. This throne-like chair, made of sturdy but lightweight material, was valued for its exotic looK during this period and became associated with the Black Power movement—thanks to a viral poster photograph of Huey P. Newton.

As Nia's "Artist" mom, I was drawn to her selfie and her reenacted stance of Huey P. Newton's famous profound and historic pose. I loved how she connected with her solid inner power, wearing her Radical Marnarch Vest decorated with well-earned badges and claiming space. I could not be more proud! It was a moment I wanted to treasure forever. So I decided to create a Portrait of my now eleven-year-old beautiful, strong, intelligent, amazing daughter Nia Rose! She is growing up so fast! The power of art can transport and freeze time. I hope you enjoy it!

Be well, and continue to be inspired!

The Paper Boat Den


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