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Humans among a throne of billions...

Dear Reader,

My studio practice has been energetically unattainable for some time now.

My home, my sanctuary has been under construction.

The ongoing "reset of timelines" has been troubling my creative process.

The lesson of not being in "control" is no stranger to me. I recognize that one must surrender to the process when plans do not fall into place. My lack of time in the studio is not at all a reflection of my commitment to my art practice. I am constantly telling myself not to question my purpose, my career choices, or believe in society's ideas about being a stay-at-home mom and an artist.

I know deep down my truth and purpose... I was born with a gift. My hands were to be used to create art and to help mold and love my beautiful kids.

My message in a bottle today is dedicated to all the stay-at-home parents who are artists! I see you, I celebrate you, and encourage you to continue to ride the waves of creativity no matter the obstacle.

What you do is important and what you create has value!

Don't allow the burden of doubt to get too heavy to bear. We are all humans among a throne of billions trying our best to live each moment to the fullest. Each mark we create matters both on the canvas and in life.

Our biggest masterpiece is living this thing called life! All our lives swirl into a painting and we will eventually die and only dust will be left of us. But our creations and our actions will outlive us.

We matter, what we create matters, and what we leave behind matters.

May you be happy,

may you continue to be inspired.

The Paper Boat Den

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