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All Is Temporary

Happy November fellow voyagers!

Let me paint you a picture... Currently, my bathrooms are under construction and I have become friendly with the two older men that are remodeling and in the process of making our bathrooms functional and beautiful.

As I predicted, living during a major construction project is and would be challenging.

As a way to cope with stress, I always try to find the beauty in the storm and chant to myself that "All Is Temporary".

The beauty and lessons in this storm have been the chaos! Watching the removal of old plumbing and walls. Has visually opened a portal. A portal into the past. We are not the first family to live within these walls. The mountain of debris growing on my driveway contain the history and memories of our home past. The skeleton of my home allowed space for me to visually appreciate the many hands that have built and re-patched her up again. The artistry of a contractor is underrated! A skilled, mindful contractor beholds a "creative spirit"!

So needless to say I have been musing about the "Creative Spirit" that lives in each one of us. Do you ever just look at a stranger and wonder what their "Creative Spirt" is? How does it provide for them? Or have we become trained to see "creativity" as you either have it or you don't? Most people say they left that part of them behind as a child. You don't need to be an artist like me to be in touch with the "Creative Spirit"! My contractors are living proof! LOL

Anyways, give me a favor... connect with your "Creative Spirt"! What does it look like, and how has it provided for you?

May you be happy and always inspired,

The Paper Boat Den

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