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The Heart Of The Den

Panoramic view of the heart of The Paper Boat Den 2021

Oh, sweet September, you have crept up on me. The summer days have come to an end. It's time to dance with the spiral yellow leaves falling in the morning light. Embrace the crisp cold air and begin my creative journey inward.

Summer, has always been a time to pause as an artist and recharge. What a beautiful summer I had. I celebrated another year around the sun, explored trails, played with my kids, and created a magical Zen garden.

I have spent the last week dusting and reorganizing my studio. Like most artists, I am a collector of objects. Objects that have transformed into treasures that now live on the shelves and walls of The Paper Boat Den. Each is unique and continues to inspire and transport me into worlds. It is this time every year, I reflect over the paintings and drawings that have gotten lost in the creative chaos. It feels like I am shedding a layer of old skin to create new skin. It's wise to make time to reflect and revisit one's marks. Witnessing my visions, experiences, and mark-making language is so important. Acknowledging the wisdom and mistakes of the past are lessons to build on. An artist's work is a record of the life they are living. So much to see and hold.

My gift to you beloved fans this month is not an opportunity to win free art but the sharing Of The Heart.

May you continue to be creative and inspired.


The Paper Boat Den

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