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Exclusive Patreon Prints

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Keep The Paper Boat Den Floating.

Gain a deeper understanding of my process
and my work. Join my Patreon supporters! 

     The Paper Boat Den has decided to take a chance and explore the island of Patreon.  

    Patreon is a platform designed for both artists and art supporters. It is an intimate way for The Paper Boat Den to invite its old and new fans with meaningful exclusive videos, artwork, and much more.

    So whether you're a collector of art or a heartfelt fan, please explore the Patreon Platform with me. I know these are troubling times, and some may not be able to travel this voyage with me. Please know that your curiosity speaks volumes and anchors deep.

    Thank you for your support and even considering riding the waves of life and art with me. 

                            Be well &  Be safe,

                            The Paper Boat Den

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